Pro Leaders Training Options

Pro Leaders Academy Pty Ltd, or Pro Leaders for short, is a Registered Training Organisation (National RTO# 45024) with the ability to operate in all Australian states and territories. We are a leader in the field of business education and training with over 30 years of experience in business, management, project management, procurement, contract management, and training within government, private organisations, and not-for-profit organisations.

Our training and education covers broadly on business management, procurement and contracting, leadership and capability development, with a specialised focus on project management. Pro Leaders’ approach to education and training is based on our experience and our commitment to comply with the industry standard Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) to deliver training and qualifications that are nationally recognised.

Our services extend beyond training and education with our speciality in coaching and mentoring, and client consultation. In addition to the delivery and assessment of Nationally Recognised Qualifications, Pro Leaders offers Executive Consulting for CEOs and Executives, Executive Coaching and Mentoring, Leadership and Development, Business Review and Assessment, Strategic Planning, Business Coaching and Mentoring and Project/Program Management.

Our facilitators are made up of full-time employees, casual employees, and contractors who work under the banner of Pro Leaders Academy.  Our facilitators design and create training content, deliver training, and they are all qualified to assess the outcomes of students to meet accredited training requirements.

Located in Queensland?

Our brand new Brisbane office is situated in the popular suburb Fortitude Valley on the first floor, with lift and stair access. It is located about 200 metres from the Fortitude Valley train station with access to public buses only a few metres away on St Pauls Terrace. There is also secure parking at the Valley Metro Car Park adjacent to the Fortitude Valley train station with reasonable Early Bird specials for daily parking.

This is a purpose-built facility on an A-Grade property that can accommodate up to 18 students in a café-style setting and up to 60 people in a lecture-style setting. The front reception area for student sign-in upon arrival, a dedicated student kitchen and break-out area that is separate to the Pro Leaders’ staff area.

Located in Canberra?

Our Canberra training facility is positioned in Mawson amongst the hustle and bustle of numerous cafes and restaurants. There is free all day parking near-by as well as multiple bus stations. The Canberra training room fits a maximum of 16 students for accredited courses and short courses we allow up to 20. We have a top of the range Nespresso machine offering unlimited coffee and tea, public offer courses will receive delicious catering included in the course costs.

Making the most of your training

It is very important to make the most of your training opportunity. Please note it is your responsibility to do this. To optimise your own learning and successful completion, undertake to do the following:
▪ Attend all training sessions and complete all required reading and learning activities;
▪ Prepare well in advance of each training session;
▪ Be a willing participant;
▪ Work with fellow learners;
▪ Respect other people’s opinions;
▪ Ensure you have a clear understanding of the assessment requirements;
▪ Take responsibility for the quality of evidence that you submit to the Assessor;
▪ Complete and submit all assessment on time, tasks using clear and concise language;
▪ Keep track of your progress; and
▪ Be willing to contact your facilitator/assessor if you do not understand the training activity or assessment task.

Can’t make it to one of our training facilities?

The new office in Brisbane will have a dedicated training room of over 100m2 of floor space that will be fitted out with the state of the art technology in audio/visual and IT equipment, including a sophisticated video-conferencing system that works with Zoom Room1 to simulate a classroom environment.

Our virtual classroom consists of an actual classroom with a facilitator teaching the class to students who are either in the classroom with the facilitator or dialled in remotely to the class session. Presentation slides and other digital files can be presented during the training session using the Zoom platform and the student may either focus on these resources or the facilitator. The class can also view the students who are remotely dialled into the class session and can interact with them in the same manner as in a classroom.

For students located in the same city or town as the facilitator, we recommend they attend the classroom with the facilitator, and those who are located outside of the actual classroom to form their own groups in the same city or town and then remote into the virtual classroom together from the same physical location, e.g. meeting room or training room.

Each physical location will require the following set-up:
▪ Sufficient internet connection – Zoom is successful on a 4G network. Any network better than 4G will enhance the student’s experience;
▪ A PC with a web-camera, microphone and the capacity to run the Zoom application to allow the facilitator to better interact with students in the same manner as a traditional classroom; and
▪ Sufficient sized monitor or screen to support the number of students in the room.

We use Zoom Room to allow the greatest outreach of students and to provide another avenue for people wanting to undertake training without the excessive cost of flights and accommodation necessary to send a person to a capital city to undertake face-to-face training. We use this technology to help those in remote locations who would normally miss out on further education because they are unable to either fund or access the training they need to perform their work better.

Zoom Room is available at both Pro Leaders offices, if you are wanting to utilise this option please contact

Pro Leaders also offers on-site classroom delivery at your chosen venue, contact us to get a flat daily rate.

Looking at hiring one of our training rooms? Contact us for more details and rates