“The coaching and mentoring services provided by Pro Leaders Academy are so helpful in achieving your goals as a project manager. The support and assistance keeps you focused and on task and provides you with an avenue to gain insights that you would not normally have access to. It is a terrific resource.”

Rikki Blacka, Canberra

“Phil Sealy, who has extensive experience in this area, did a fantastic job sharing his knowledge through stories, videos and in-class exercises. I appreciate the energy and passion that he brings and how he is able to connect what we are learning to real life examples from work.”

Mark Devan, Canberra

“The course was quite extensive and well distributed in modules. As I am from the industry side and was totally new to the policies followed by the Australian Govt.; this course was a good learning platform to understand the Commonwealth Procurement Rules ,procedures & legalities  followed by the public sector. Phil Sealy (The instructor) made sure that all the students in the class participated, was comfortable  & on the same page ; at the same time cleared our doubts quite precisely. All throughout the course; I found it really exciting , engaging  & productive which gave me a new confidence in my procurement  skills & my work profile.”

Bhagyalakshmi Saljit, Canberra
  • Entertaining, excellent content, presenter interaction and level of engagement with the group.
  • Good training style that keeps the audience engaged. I learnt a lot that will help me in negotiations in my work.
  • Presenter encourages discussion which helped me engage with the content and understand.
  • I felt more confident in my abillity to enter future negotiations with a greater range of strategies.
  • The depth of the knowledge shared by the presenter was really invaluable.

Negotiations Training, Anonymous
  • Was really happy with the course – it was interesting, challenging and engaging with all the examples and discussions used.
  • Great presentation and good examples on contract negotiation, demonstrating detailed knowledge ande expertise of the presenter.
  • Great style of presentation – Phil actually didn’t use a single Powerpoint slide!
  • Phil kept the pace well, the three days were intense but fun.
  • On fire. Phil was a brilliant facilitator of the course. Thank you !
  • Great timely training. Facilitator encouraged learning through discussion of members experiences.
  • Super facilitator – real and practical.

Procurement and Contracting, Anonymous
  • Trainer was engaging and approachable. The class size was perfect.
  • The use of practical exercises was great.
  • Class discussion and real life experiences kept things interesting and the class was engaged.

Project Management, Anonymous

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