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Short Courses – addressing a wide variety of needs

By providing workers with pathways to advance their skills, knowledge and their career will help keep them motivated, makes them feel valued, and boosts industry retention rate.

In addition to our structured nationally accredited training, Pro Leaders Academy also offers a range of quality courses across a broad range of work skill areas. Our courses are tailored to suit our client’s requirements, delivery methods and assessment approaches with customised content that focuses on the client’s organisational or operational policies, standards and procedures.  Most of our courses are designed so that there is an easy pathway for participants to achieve a Statement of Attainment for relevant units of competency if they wish to pursue accreditation.

Our qualified and experience facilitators will work closely with clients to tailor a learning program that will cost the same as buying off-the-shelf or public offer training offered by other training providers.

Courses on offer

The following is a list of our more popular areas of team training, with other courses available to build a customised program:

Working with People is a short course that develops skills required when working with people.  Our short courses can be customised to suit your organisation or team’s needs.

Working in Teams (SC204)

This practical and interactive workshop will provide you with an understanding of team work and strategies on how to work in a successful team.  You will gain an understanding of your role as a team member including an appreciation of how your contribution as a team member is an important aspect of the effective operation of your team, and it will increase your knowledge of different working styles within a team.

Working with Difficult People (SC104)

This practical and interactive workshop will show you how to collaborate effectively with a range of people, even when personalities, priorities, work styles and opinions differ.  Learn how to prepare for and conduct yourself during a difficult interaction, and obtain tips on how to work with a range of difficult behaviours.

Negotiation Skills (SC402)

Learn better negotiation skills to get exactly what YOU want!  This practical and interactive workshop will equip you with targeted strategies, tools and skills to more effectively conduct negotiations.  It will cover general negotiation skills including human behavioural aspects, techniques, objectives, and strategies.  The use of role-plays and interactive scenarios in the workshop will help to embed your new negotiating skills.

Giving & Receiving Workplace Feedback (SC601)

Everyone has the capacity for giving useful feedback and some people use it to more effectively than others. This practical workshop will teach you to recognise the characteristics of effective and ineffective feedback, and understand the impact different communication styles have on the giving and receiving of feedback. You will learn a simple and powerful model for delivering balanced feedback, especially in challenging feedback situations.  The use of case studies and role-plays in the workshop will provide a platform from which you can recognise and critique effective and less effective approaches to giving and receiving feedback.

Equity & Diversity Awareness (SC105)

This interesting and informative course covers the legislative and policy framework for the principles of equity and diversity in the workplace. It includes the concept of fair treatment, giving everyone the opportunity to make the best of their talents and abilities, and it looks at diversity in the workplace, covering the individual differences of staff – gender, age, language, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, religious belief and family responsibilities.

Cross Cultural Awareness (SC102)

Most Australian workplaces reflect the cultural diversity of our society.  Working with colleagues who have a different cultural perspective can be both interesting and challenging.  This interactive workshop will help you understand and respect cultural differences, enabling you to work more effectively as a team and provide better customer outcomes to our culturally diverse community.

Management Skills are short courses that relates to managing people, activities, and projects.  Our short courses can be customised to suit your organisation or team’s needs.

Developing a Persuasive Business Case (SC201)

This highly practical workshop teach you how to develop and document a comprehensive and robust business case.   You will learn how to use the business case to clearly articulate the project, including:

  • outcomes and/or objectives;
  • scope;
  • assumptions and any limitations;
  • solution options and preferred option;
  • resourcing and costs;
  • critical success factors;
  • key dependencies;
  • key performance measures; and
  • risk assessment and management strategy.

You may also be interested in our accredited courses leading to a qualification in Project Management.

Time Management (SC202)

This practical and interactive workshop will equip you with the skills to balance your tasks and priorities and achieve more with good time management.  Learn how to work smarter and not harder to achieve your objectives.

You may also be interested in our accredited courses leading to a qualification in Project Management.

Risk Management (SC203)

This practical workshop will assist you to develop and apply a risk management plan.   Using a methodology based on AS/NZS 4360 Risk Management and your organisation’s risk guidelines, you will learn to identify, assess, evaluate, and treat risks from your working environment. This program can be tailored to suit specific projects, procurement processes, OH&S and many other common workplace activities.

You may also be interested in our accredited courses leading to a qualification in Project Management.

Managing a Project (SC204)

This practical and hands-on workshop will show you how to manage a straightforward project or a part of a larger project.   It focuses on the application of project management skills to meet timelines, quality standards, budgetary limits and other requirements set for the project.

You may also be interested in our accredited courses leading to a qualification in project management and / or AIPM accreditation.

Preparing the Procurement Negotiating Team (SC301)

Need help with negotiating your tender or contract?   This practical and interactive workshop is most effective when run with the negotiating team shortly before the live negotiations. It will equip you with targeted strategies, tools and skills to more effectively conduct negotiations and we will use your real life negotiation issues to make learning your new negotiating skills easier and effectively prepare the team for the negotiations.

This workshop is very popular as it provides immediate, practical results to the teams who need to achieve real outcomes from an upcoming negotiation.

You may also be interested in our accredited courses leading to a qualification in procurement.

Planning and Conducting a Tender (SC302)

This intensive, practical workshop will teach you to plan and conduct a tender process that complies with legal requirements and government and organisational policy guidelines for the tender process.   You will have the opportunity to practice tender evaluation techniques using your organisation’s policy framework during this workshop to demonstrate how it can be applied to your organisation.   This workshop can be adapted to provide a one day legal and policy overview.

Managing a Contract (SC401)

This practical workshop will assist you to manage your contracts and to gain an understanding of legal issues that applies to contracts, government and organisational policy that relates to contract management.  It will also provide practical tips on getting the best from your contractors and you will have the opportunity to practise a range of contract management techniques, including preparing a contract management plan, negotiating with contractors and performance management.

You may also be interested in our accredited courses leading to a qualification in procurement.

Customer Service (SC501)

This course will inspire and motivate you to deliver 5-Star customer service to your clients.   It will show how delivering consistent customer service excellence can boost profits for businesses and lead to improved service delivery, especially for government agencies.   It will show you how to deliver what you promise, delight customers by under-promising and over-delivering, how to turn complaints into an opportunity for improvement, how to develop lasting relationships with your customers, and much more.

Occupational Health & Safety (SC502)

This practical and interactive workshop covers the legal and regulatory framework of OH&S and provides you with an understand of your obligations as an employee or employer.   It also contains lots of interesting facts and practical tips and guidance on good OH&S practices.   This course is invaluable for employees and managers alike, and it can be tailored to assist workgroups to develop their own OH&S plans and/or conduct effective OH&S audits in the workplace.

Improving Written Communication (SC103)

This intensive hands-on workshop contains a range of valuable information and practical tips aimed at enhancing the content and presentation of your written work.  The workshop will cover some of the fundamentals of effective business writing, including:

  • tips for successful business writing;
  • the importance of proper sentence structure;
  • a review of punctuation including the correct use of commas and apostrophes;
  • the fundamentals of business correspondence with a focus on presentation and layout of letters and memos; and
  • common pitfalls and mistakes.

Our Personality and Behavioural Indicators short courses will help identify personality types and behavioural types.  Our short courses can be customised to suit your organisation or team’s needs.

Meta Dynamics Methodology

Meta DynamicsTM is the study of how we make decisions, react to them, and response to them.  It is an innovative breakthrough in human behaviour since Neo-linguistic Programming (NLP) that has been developed over the past five years as a highly effective method of assessing strengths and stretches in a person’s personal and professional development.

It is based on the four dimensions of human behaviour and focuses on the four levels of thinking:

  • Environment (E) – Focuses on the outcome we want to achieve, including the purpose of the outcome, the thinking, the mindset, the standards and the attitude we need to bring to achieve the outcome;
  • Structure (S) – Focuses on what we need to achieve the outcome in terms of systems, repetitive behaviours, categories of focus, and the benchmark of what success would be;
  • Implementation (I) – Focuses on the actions we need to take to achieve the outcome and how this compares to the ideal benchmark we have established so that we can constantly track, check and adjust our trajectory; and
  • People (P) – Focuses on who needs to be involved, how they need to be involved, and how they are developing themselves to achieve the desired outcome.

The Meta Dynamics model provides coaches, consultants, managers and trainers with a framework for identifying where opportunities for improvements are and will provide ongoing tools for calibrating an individual or team’s effort to achieve their goals.

eDiSC Profiling

Do you want to improve team dynamics?  The Extended DiSC® psychometric assessment is a renowned psychometric profiling tool that provides businesses with real solutions to their human resource issues. It is a comprehensive and accurate tool used by managers, consultants, coaches, HR teams and business development specialists to:

  • identify a person’s behavioural profile;
  • capitalise on their behavioural strengths;
  • adjust for the person’s “allowable weaknesses”;
  • increase their appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of different profiles;
  • anticipate and minimise potential conflicts with others; and
  • improve team dynamics.

A course just for you

If you don’t find a course in amongst our list of courses that meets your needs, then let us tailor one or create a training program specifically for your organisation.  You will be pleasantly surprised to find that this will not cost more than a standard off-the-shelf course from other providers.  You will be delighted with the difference that this type of learning can make for your team.

Contact us to organise training

If you would like to arrange a training program, please contact us  for an obligation-free chat about how we can effectively address your needs and those of your team.  Please note that we only offer non-accredited training on an in-house basis for client organisations, due to customisation of content identified specifically by the client.