Some issues in your workplace may involve more than a training solution.  The skills and experience that make our people such great trainers and assessors also enable us to provide a large range of complementary specialist consulting services.  Our experts are available to assist you on consultancy assignments across a wide range of business areas.  We can direct our extensive practical experience to help you enhance your project or work place.

Pro Leaders can help teams prepare, as a team, for potentially stressful workplace activities. Team preparations ensure that you get the best results.

For example we can help you prepare to:
• make your negotiations really effective,
• handle potentially tricky stakeholder meetings,
• break bad news,
• explore opportunities, and
• manage risks.

We have seen this approach give highly effective outcomes, providing both improving individuals’ skills, and to focus and prepare the team for achieving particular milestones, deliverable or outcomes.

To help you get the best results for your project or workplace, a facilitator from Pro Leaders can work with you one-on-one through the project business issues to:
• develop practical strategies addressing the key strategic issues,
• review and improve your business documents, such as project or contract management plans, reports and other documentation,
• provide general project management or procurement advice, assistance and guidance.

We can also assist you with one-on-one coaching and mentoring for your project or workplace in:
• people management,
• performance management and
• a range of other HR disciplines.

Contact us to discuss how we may be able to assist your project or workplace using our experienced specialist staff.