Accredited Qualification Training

Pro Leaders offers a range of accredited qualifications that comply with the Australian Quality Framework (AQF).  Upon completion of an accredited course, a nationally-recognised qualification will be issued to the participant. Our training content is regularly reviewed, particularly after each session by feedback from facilitators and students.  Pro Leaders Academy provides cyclical updates to our content at the end of each calendar year to ensure our scenarios, case studies and examples are kept current.  We investigate emerging trends and new industry standards to include in our updates during this time to ensure we are kept abreast of innovations and latest trends from other industries or overseas.

Our content is also maintained as required when legislative changes or other updates made by the Australian Government are made effective.  These changes take more precedence over the cyclical updates to the content and are made when and as often as required to ensure we provide the latest of these updates.

Accredited training programs are competency-based that means training and assessment is focused on the development and recognition of a person’s ability to apply relevant knowledge and skills to perform workplace tasks to a specified standard. The specific skills and knowledge required for a particular workplace activity are set out in Units of Competency that can be grouped together to formulate the completion of a nationally recognised qualification. Nationally recognised qualifications are outlined in Training Packages that can be viewed at

Each qualification has a list of employability skills that describes the skills and competencies that are important for effective and successful participation in the workforce. For each qualification there are specific employability skills listed under the following headings:
▪ Communication;
▪ Teamwork;
▪ Problem solving;
▪ Initiative and enterprise;
▪ Planning and organising;
▪ Self-management;
▪ Learning; and
▪ Technology.
These employability skills are part of the assessment requirements of a nationally accredited course.

We offer qualifications in the following area of studies:

Procurement and Contracting
Leadership and Management
Project Management

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